Listing instructions

The object of this directory is to try and enhance the professionalism of individuals and companies. It is not a site where “We do everything”.

We are all proficient in our own fields, and the public deserve to be able to seek out that company or individual that is specific to their sensitive needs. So only a single professional service can be listed on your page, along with a picture and bio of around 500 words to tell those clients a little about you.

Initial listings will be charged at £15.99 a month.

Additional locations will be charged at £9.99 a month (per location).

All listings will be reviewed prior to uploading, and any changes made can be sent to We will review the changes and make the amendments for you.

All payments can be made through PayPal and there is no contract so you can withdraw your listings at any time. Just let us know so we can take you down.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this site please also contact us at

Customer Reviews.

These will be reviewed by our trained admin team prior to being uploaded. They will be honest and as written by the client. But we will protect names and addresses, and remove any words or content that we consider to be inappropriate for the page it is intended.