Welcome to Investigator Directory

A public portal for finding your investigative or security service.


Our aim is to make your search for either an investigative or security service as simple as possible. We require those registering on our site to complete a short profile of the principal of the company. This is to help those seeking a specific service to have some idea of who they are retaining to undertake what we know can be a sensitive and confidential enquiry.

How Investigator Directory Works

We have made searching simple, just click on either the service you are seeking or a town of where you would like to find those services.
From there you will see the profile of the company principal with company contact information. You can then decide if what you see is suitable for your needs. We require companies to only list their primary/specialist service, you do not need a ‘Jack of all trades’.

Why sign up with Investigator Directory?

We own the domain name investigator Directory, The term “Investigator” has been around for years and is a natural search term. Our natural listing will always bring the name to the top thus ensuring you will be found. Our name is not obscure. We will continue to increase our natural listing position with all the main search engines to bring customers to you.